1L Clear Spray Bottles (Pack of 6) - Multipurpose, Reuse for Cleaning High Touch Points

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Clear Plastic Bottles with a Spray Trigger 

Designed for tough environments and long term usage. 

HDPE for Reuse and to Reduce waste. 

Excellent chemical resistance and ease of use in applying chemicals or disinfectants onto surfaces. 

You can also use with the 3BAC Hospital grade Disinfectant to sanitise tables and hands safely.  Buy in 5 L containers to save. 

High touchpoints - surfaces, vehicles, taps, and doorknobs - to stop the spread of disease in homes, offices, cafes, and cars.

Perfect for in Vehicle to spray and wipe the high touchpoints as part of your COVID-19 Safe Work practices every day.  Use with 3PS Isopropanol available in 5L containers to save too!

Buy in bulk and save!