WORKFORCE SERVICE PACK - Ideal for remote work, field technicians, surveyors

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3PS Smart Wipes System consists of a Refillable Wipes Canister which comes with 160 wipes giving end-users the flexibility to decide which disinfectant or sanitising solutions best suits their needs.

Equip your field and office teams with the means to clean equipment, their work environments and/or their hands safely.

This smart design has a spring-loaded lid to prevents wipes from drying out. Fill with 1 litre of disinfectant or sanitiser fluid with each new refill of wipes.

Non-toxic | Hypoallergenic | Low-linting | Suitable for Electronic Surfaces

- Dispenses 20cm x 25cm wipes easily
- Lockable wall fixed bracket is available to prevent unauthorised removal
- Wipes made in the USA, disinfectant made in Australia
- Bonus 1x 1L isopropanol alcohol and 2x 500mL bottle of sanitiser

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Contact us at to discuss options for different operational requirements, equipment, surfaces so that the right disinfectant or sanitiser options can be considered.