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Personal Protective Products

Personal Protective Products (3PS) is an Australian produced, owned and operated company that focuses on multipurpose antibacterial products. Our products are designed by leading health, beauty and cosmetic sciences practitioners to ensure the highest quality.

Our team is committed to producing and designing the best honest and fair products locally. Meaning, we’re made in Australia, by Australians, for Australians. We’re dedicated to providing Australian employment and following a local supply chain which means that everything that goes into our sanitiser products are sourced locally. Moreover, we prioritise our nationwide customers by ensuring there is a sustainable, affordable and reliable supply of sanitising products that can be delivered promptly.

At 3PS we focus on improving our formulas and production processes rather than profits, to ensure they meet all Australian standards; for both manufacturing and our consumers. This is why we have two formulations, one with alcohol and one without. This ensures that we can service all Australians, not just those who don’t have sensitive skin or communities conflicting religious beliefs towards the use of alcohol.

Personal Protective Products prioritises all Australians. As a result, our product is available to both individual consumers and businesses looking to bulk buy and redistribute. Moreover, buy our products online and have it delivered straight to your door.

Don’t go out looking for brands you don’t know, support us to help Australia.

Antibacterial Sachets

Personal Protective Products are not only biodegradable, they come in two formulations: alcohol-based and alcohol-free. This ensures that no communities and individuals are excluded from using Personal Protective Products. Our alcohol-free wipes are made from all-natural products and ideal for children and individuals with sensitive skin.

Our individually wrapped wipes are not only convenient to carry everywhere, but the wrapping ensures they never dry out. Meaning, they are conveniently transportable and ready to use whenever you need. Our wipes come in various sizes so you can tailor them to your individual needs. Put them in your bag to clean and sanitise your hands, public seating, equipment, computers, phones, desks, shoes, bags and car anytime.

Liquid or Gel sanitiser only (no towelette) are also available for your personal use. Carry anywhere discretely and use as required. No leakage in a bag or pocket. No bulky container to have to carry.

The team at Personal Protective Products have specially designed unique Australian formulas to meet Australian sanitiser requirements. Our wipes contain only the most nourishing.

Alcohol-Based Solutions

Personal Protective Products offers alcohol-based, multipurpose, anti-bacterial gel and liquid to ensure you can effectively sanitise your hands, public spaces, such as benches and aeroplanes, and belongings, such as computers and phones.

Although alcohol can often be harsh on the skin, 3PS' alcohol-based formulation utilises an alcohol content ratio that complies with the World Health Organisation. Moreover, 3PS' formula includes tea tree oil, orange extract, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to ensure that it nourishes your skin. Our alcohol-based gels work better than your average sanitiser, as they leave your hands feeling smooth whilst smelling great (like tea tree and citrus). This is combined with the addition of alcohol ensures that your hands are dry within seconds.

Easily our most popular product, our alcohol-based gel and liquid formation come in varying sizes. Buy individual sachets or 5L bulk bottles to decant in smaller containers and reduce the environmental impact.

Alcohol-Free Solutions

Personal Protective Products alcohol-free solutions are perfect for those with sensitive skin or abstain from using alcohol products. 3PS' alcohol-free antibacterial sanitiser works just as well as alcohol-based sanitisers when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. Research has found that using alcohol to sanitise the skin can
prep the skin for other infections to occur.

Medical professionals believe that regular use of alcohol, especially for individuals with sensitive skin, such as children, can damage the skin. 3PS' alcohol-free products provide an all-natural, non-damaging solution. In fact, not only do our core formulations offer effective sanitising and antibacterial protection, they are classified as a ‘non-irritant’. This means that even with normal, repeated or prolonged-contact use, our product will not irritate, damage or trigger allergic reactions and cause dry skin in sensitive individuals. Moreover, as alcohol is highly flammable, having an alcohol-free product, especially if you buy in bulk, in the home is a lot safer.

Like all our products, our alcohol-free solutions come in varying sizes and can be delivered to your door. Buy individual-use sachets, portable bottles or bulk bottles to ensure you have the perfect solution for your sanitising needs.

3PS' against COVID-19

As the world struggles to secure medical supplies to deal with the community transmission of COVID-19, it is essential that Australians address the demand with locally manufactured hand and multipurpose sanitiser products. Personal Protective Products are deeply concerned about the questionable quality of overseas products that are imported and dumped on the Australian market. Unfortunately, we have seen that some of these products are of high cost and poor quality. Personal Protective Products sources local ingredients to ensure a local, sustainable supply of top quality multipurpose antibacterial sanitiser products are available for our communities and are delivered in a timely manner.

Why hunt shelves for brands that have been packaged in Australia but manufactured offshore, when you don’t know what is in the formulation when you can order online and track your delivery?

Our team are passionate about ensuring that people are using products that they can trust at an affordable price, now and in the future. We are answering a Nationwide call to arms to protect our country from COVID-19. With the crisis comes the opportunity to transform. In this case, we are dedicated to reinvigorating Australian manufacturing and employment by producing superior locally made products designed to protect fellow Australians.

Personal Protective Products is designed and Made in Australia by Australians and for Australians. We are here now for the long term to deliver the best value and a reliable supply for our customers – nationwide. We are proud to do what we do best
in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Combining a range of experience, we have quickly applied our skill in developing world-leading sanitiser formulations, with Melbourne manufacturing and locally sourced goods to produce a brand of high-quality sanitiser products to answer the call. It is wonderful to provide local employment at this time and with customer feedback, we are inspired to further innovate the product range to be a sustainable business in Australia beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Personal Protective Products are designed to be a brand you can proudly use at home, at work and on the move.

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