Q: What is unique about Personal Protective Products Formulations?

A: The team at Personal Protective Products are particularly committed to ensuring Australian made high quality multipurpose antibacterial.  Our product innovation team have decades of experience designing some of the most popular personal care products on the market. 

Q: What is the benefit of Alcohol Free? 

A: Multipurpose sanitisers do not need to have alcohol in the formulation to be effective.  Our team and medical specialists are very concerned about the promotion of alcohol based sanitisers for frequent use with children due to the harsh effects of alcohol on sensitive skin. 

Q: Can I buy in bulk even if I’m not a retailer or company?

A: Yes you can. Our products are sold for both individual or bulk purchases, regardless if you are an individual consumer, retailer or company. We offer 5L containers to reuse and refill personal dispensing bottles (to promote sustainability by reducing the impact of plastic on the environment). Contact us to find out how you can save by buying in bulk or to make a purchase now.  

Q: Do Gel, Liquid and individually wrapped wipes come in both alcohol-based and alcohol-free presentations?

A: Yes. All our products come in both alcohol-based and alcohol-free formulations and varying sizes. Our liquid and gel products come in individual sachets, personal sized bottles, larger household bottles and 5L bulk bottles, to ensure you can refill sustainably.

Q: Are the wipes biodegradable?

A: Yes.

Q: Do the alcohol free solutions provide the same protection as the alcohol based?

A: Yes. Alcohol free formulations are equal to the Alcohol based solutions in terms of Antibacterial and Sanitising results.

Q: Are the Alcohol free solutions suitable to people with skin conditions and kids?

A: In many cases the alcohol free solutions offer the user a better alternative to ensure that they are protected but that they are not affected by the toxic and drying issues associated with regular use of alcohol on hands and skin. 
a. People suffering psoriasis or skin conditions from using the alcohol wipes can change over to the alcohol free wipes.
b. Children’s skin is vulnerable, and alcohol based wipes should not be used regularly.
c. Alcohol pits the skin allowing other infections to occur. 

Q: How is Personal Protective Products helping win the fight against Covid19?

A: Personal Protective Products Now is designed and Made in Australia by Australians and for Australians. We are here now for the long term
to deliver best value and a reliable supply for our customers – nationwide.

The team at Personal Protective Products are proud to do what we do best in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  Combining our range of experience, we have quickly applied our skill in developing world-leading sanitiser formulations with Melbourne manufacturing and locally sourced goods, to produce a brand of high quality sanitiser products to answer the call.  It is wonderful to provide local employment at this time and with customer feedback, we are inspired to further innovate the product range to be a sustainable business in Australia beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Personal Protective Products are designed to be a brand you can proudly use at home, at work and on the move.  Order Personal Protective Products and become a part of the WIN 2020 community!

Q: What can I use Personal Protective Products on?

A: Personal Protective Products are anti-bacterial and multi-purpose. They can be used for anything from cleaning and disinfecting hands to wiping down desk, chairs and technology.

Q: Who is this product for?

A: This is a product for both end consumers and B2B bulk buyers such as retailers like:
a. Chemists, natural health suppliers or distributors,
b. Mining sites
c. Local Government & Utilities depots
d. Retirement homes and Aged Care
e. Medical clinics and health practitioners
f. Office buildings and work premises
g. Facility managers, hotels, government buildings or offices
h. To support workforce to as part of their PPE
i. To wipe down equipment or vehicles or desks prior to exchanging use with others
j. Field services and essential services organisations.
k. Surveying and maintenance teams
l. Construction sites for workers on entry to premises