Who We Are

At Protective Personal Products, we focus on improving our formulas and production processes rather than profits, to ensure they meet all Australian standards and regulations, for both manufacturing and quality PPE for our consumers.  

This is why we have two styles of Australian Made sanitiser formulations, one with alcohol and one without. This ensures that we can service all Australians, including those who have sensitive skins and communities who have conflicting religious beliefs towards the use of alcohol. 

Our Personal Protective products PPE ranges are selected for quality and available to both individual consumers and businesses looking to bulk buy and redistribute to their workforce and /or their customers. 

We are dedicated to support Australian businesses to ensure they can protect their teams at work, in the field or at home to ensure their survival for a business lead economic recovery.  

If you need advice or guidance on what is right for your business, contact us.  

Buy our products online and have them delivered straight to your door as an essential service!    We also provide care packs individually packed for your staff and delivered to their homes.  

Don’t go out looking for brands you don’t know, support us to help Australia WIN the battle against COVID-19.