HARLEY L-188 N95 RESPIRATORS (Box of 20)

Comfort and Affordable Protection 

- Flat fold construction ensures adequate fitment and seals across various face shapes and sizes

- Original Design Manufacturing for Honeywell – Rebadged as H901EN FFP2 DR for Honeywell Industrial Safety*

- Headband straps ensure proper fitment and seal is maintained during usage

- Reinforced spot-welded tabs to secure headband straps ensure durability during normal usage

- NIOSH approval number 84A-6973

- Multiple layers of Polypropylene Nonwoven materials used throughout the filter media.

- Meet ASTM F 2100-2019 Level 3 requirement for medical face mask standard on Splash Pressure - Synthetic Blood Penetration as tested by independent laboratories and assessed by Bureau Veritas

- Latex-Free - Hypoallergenic