Honeywell 5210 P2 Respirators - Professional use - Box of 20

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Premium Honeywell  P2 Premium Cup-Shape  Respirator for comfort

A fully featured premium cup shape P2 respirator suggested for protection against dust, mist & fumes / particulate aerosols free of oil.  This design provides protection and comfort for longer wearing in all environments. 


  • Approved for 10 times the exposure standard of droplets or dust produced by grinding, drilling and applications like welding. 
  • Low breathing resistance encourages longer wear time by improving the wearer's comfort
  • Shaped for a better fit when worn in combination with eyewear
  • Humidity resistant and hypoallergenic filter media for maximum respirator service life
  • Durable latex-free suspension straps to eliminate pre-stretching
  • Willtech boomerang nose seal absorbs perspiration providing increased comfort
  • Flame retardant out shell ensures greater safety
  • No restriction of vision or communication
  • Green nose bridge allows for easy identification of P2 rating. 


In addition to day to day wearing during COVID-19, this respirator was designed for professional use for agriculture, chemical, construction, fire protection, food services, forestry, manufacturing, mining, municipal services, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, steel & metal and utility field services. 


Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012 

License No: 1134 for effective protection against mechanically generated dusts, mists and particulates. 

Box quantity = 20   Box dimensions 250 x 140 x 195

Carton quantity = 10 boxes

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