Honeywell Bionic Faceshield

  • $45.99

Head, Eye and Face Protection Bionic Faceshield

The simplest and most comfortable face shield designed to handle any challenge. 

The Bionic Face shield is a revolutionary face shield.  Designed for rugged jobs., it is tough where it has to be, yet extremely lightweight and balanced for all-day comfort. 


Extended top of head and chin protection

Easily replaceable superior quality visors

Comfortable fit with eyewear and goggles

Dielectric design

Fully adjustable ratchet head gear

Multiple visor tilt positions

Extra soft cushioning on all parts of the face shield in contact with the head. 

The breathable extra soft sweatband is removable for easy washing and replacement. 


Suits all applications requiring high impact eye protection and splash protection.


Certified to AS / NZS 1337.1:2010 High Impact and Splash Resistance.